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  You are invited to join us for a complementary trial meeting of
The Spiegel Academy's Music Therapy Inner Circle!

How it works:

 Attend the free trial webinar
to see what The Music Therapy Inner Circle meetings are like.

Then you have the opportunity to decide if you want to continue with The 
Music Therapy Inner Circle 

 No payment required to participate in one FREE trial online meeting.


   What is the Inner Circle?

 The Music Therapy Inner Circle Meetings

You  went into music therapy to make a difference.  Its frustrating that sometimes there are bumps in the road such as difficult clients, not enough time, not enough money, no support, administrative changes,  or maybe you find yourself in a new setting scrambling for ideas or you just want a like minded peer to bounce ideas off of.  


Whether you're the only music therapist  for miles around or you have a team of others that you work with, consider the benefits of  investing an hour and a half a month to meet online with professional peers with an array of experiences  from all over the world to network, share, brainstorm,  give and receive support, and more -  all from the comfort of home!  You don't have to drive anywhere, and can even wear your slippers. 


The Music Therapy Inner Circle meets online for 90 minutes the last Sunday of the month at 4:30 Pacific, 5:30 Mountain, 6:30 Central, 7:30 Eastern, and I'm not sure of the time in other countries but you are welcome too.


 Once  you join, you will have access to all monthly meetings during your 12 month membership which starts the date of purchase.  If the meeting falls on a holiday we reschedule for a different week that month.  Attend  at least 9 times to earn 16 credits for  from these meetings alone.



You'll have an opportunity to meet your ethics requirement within the context of the inner circle meetings, effortlessly, as we take 15-20 minutes each meeting to review ethical issues and discuss sections of the documents regulating the music therapy profession.  This will keep details of your practice sharp and on track.  


If you present in-services at work, or want to present at a conference or anywhere else, you can have the opportunity to run it by your peers for review.  Sally Bonkrude MA, MT-BC, LPC  facilitates the group and is an expert speaking and presentation coach and can get you prepared in all ways.


Everyone loves to help each other troubleshoot difficult cases, and you'll get to share your wins from the month.  Bonds are created.  We all learn from each other.  And did I mention that its a confidential group?  We create a safe space to share and be vulnerable.


Attending these meetings earns you 16 CMTE credits and meets your ethics requirement.  


Come try it out.


What People are Saying:

"I look forward to our monthly meetings. Great way to meet colleagues in our field,  share ideas, receive feedback, and connect.  I really enjoy the way Sally and Deborah complemented each other when giving feedback on a presentation a group member was practicing in preparation to present  for her school board."

Meg Rafferty MT-BC

Denver, Colorado

"I  enjoyed networking with other music therapists and providing and receiving support."

                                                             Amy Hemenway MT-BC

Middletown, CT

" People share interesting stories and ideas.
 It is a wonderful venue, and I’m happy I found it." 

Celia Lewis MT-BC 

Guysville,  Ohio

I look forward to seeing you there!


Deborah Spiegel MT-BC