PostObserve and Describe Emotions

Observe and Describe Emotions by Courtney Elder MT-BC and Deborah Spiegel MT-BC


To reinforce and teach awareness of emotions, use a glockenspiel.

Label the lowest note with the number 0 and continue to label each consecutive note with numbers moving higher with each note.  (i.e. draw on a piece of tape and affix it to the bars on the instrument.)

The lowest note 0 will represent  feeling calm, while  the highest note will represent uncontrollable feelings or agitation.

Invite participants to notice their emotions.  Become mindful of your emotions.

Show the visual representation of each emotion and ask the client to choose one that fits his current emotion and to put that look on their face and in their body language.  Have the client play their rating of the emotion they feel on the instrument.  Combining the visual representation with the awareness in the body and the rating on the instrument can help with understanding emotions and accepting them, and to help clients feel validated.


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