PostMindfulness of Urges Activity

Mindfulness of Urges Activity by Christina L. Grandoni MT-BC

Bring the ocean drum to the group and explain that it will be passed around. While waiting their turn, encourage each client to notice any off-track urges they may have. (urges to grab the drum, or urges to tell the person playing how they should play, or an urge not related to the activity) When they have the drum, tell them this is the time to let the urges go, to imagine them washing away with the waves like a picture drawn in the sand. The MT can sing this song while the drum goes around

Ocean Drum, oh Ocean Drum

Goes round, and round

Ocean drum oh ocean drum,

Washing away urges with the sound

Feel them, wash away

Urges, wash away

Let them, wash away

And pass the drum…

This should be a slow song and feel free to draw it out if a client needs more time with the drum.


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