ProductEarn Certificate: DBT Informed Music Therapist Endorsement

Join the movement as we combine DBT Skills with music therapy to support those we serve to build a life worth living!. Become comfortable using the DBT terminology and collaborating with other clinicians. Be able to to communicate with related fields more effectively and plan groups in coordination with them within the structure of DBT. Know what the skills are and how to create effective MT interventions within the DBT framework. Effectively create and implement MT interventions to support and reinforce the DBT skills the patients are learning.
Be able to present other professionals and those in charge with a credential from the Spiegel Academy with the designation of DBT informed Music Therapist that demonstrates a basic working knowledge of DBT. Earn the designation of DBT Informed Music Therapist by completing this program. Up to 100 CMTEs. 1. Start with an overview of the DBT skills that are in the first Skills Training manual with DBT: Practical Life Skills through Music Therapy and come away with tons of music therapy interventions you can use with your clients. Attend the webinar on March 26-27 (10am-6pm Sat and 10am-noon on Sunday Mountain time. Submit assignments here in the private forum. 2. Going deeper with mindfulness, attend the Mindfulness and Music in Clinical Settings webinar on April 16 and 24th for 3 hours each day. 3. Then for the next three months (May 15-til the first week of August, we will take it all deeper with the In-Depth skills study class. We’ll study the skills in the new Skills Training Manual (includes new skills). This class includes a book study, webinars that apply music therapy applications to the DBT Skills Training you will also be taking from Behavioral Tech (the official DBT trainers) and attend live Q&A webinars every 3rd Sunday at 6pm Eastern. 4. Lastly is 6 months of DBT Informed Music Therapy supervision with Dr. Bonavitacola. We will meet online the 3rd Sunday of the month at 6pm Eastern time from September through Feb. You will spend 3 hours a month with clients applying the material learned and write up a case study.

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